• Reusable
    • Recyclable
    • Long Life Span
    • Reduced Noise Pollution


DashWalls modular wall systems are not only designed to be human friendly, but sustainable and eco-friendly. They combine the best of modern interior design with environmentally conscious construction knowledge. Whether you need movable office walls, retail or tradeshow modular walls, or movable loft walls, DashWall systems are the perfect "green building" solutions.

DashWalls modular systems create less waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and perhaps most importantly, put a stop to the endless cycle of building, demolishing, disposing and rebuilding.

At DashWalls, we believe the building choices we make today can help save the planet.


Absolutely 100% of the wall components can be reused many times during a life cycle of the walls; reused by reconfiguration, transferring or any kind changes in layouts & finishing. Demounted walls can be easily stored or sold on consignment basis and if they are damaged sent for recycling.


Why feed landfills if you can recycle instead? If you no longer need your modular wall system, DashWalls’ components and materials may be recycled or used for heat and power production. This brings a substantial reduction in production and construction waste, as well as in CO2 emissions.

Long Life Span

Our highly durable DashWall systems have an incredibly long life span. They are extremely flexible for any kind of changes in layouts and finishing, without any deterioration. And, because the module components are interchangeable you can create new looks and new configurations for years to come.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Our superior sound-deadening technology ensures a substantial noise level reduction. DashWall systems reduce noise pollution and provide greater acoustical privacy. In fact, no extra insulation is required to achieve normal speech privacy, as DashWalls have an STC factor that corresponds to Sound Transmission Class - 40 (with no insulation).