DashWalls demountable walls

DashWalls demountable walls are easy to install, highly versatile and cost effective. Our full-height, modular, mobile indoor wall system is engineered to be flexible for changes in layouts, design and color.

Installed ready-made on any type of floor, DashWalls demountable walls can be reinstalled, reconfigured, or refinished many times. This flexibility represents significant cost savings over tearing down and rebuilding drywall offices. And because there is absolutely no damage to the floor, ceiling and existing building walls, they are ideal for rental spaces.

Modular demountable walls assemble faster and cleaner than conventional drywalls. Unlike traditional drywall construction, DashWall systems don’t require any time-consuming joint treatment or messy sanding. Because our easy-to-assemble modular wall system is ready-made, you can enjoy "instant" quality offices with minimum disruption to your business.

Another added benefit of demountable walls is that they are treated for tax purposes like movable furniture, so you have an accelerated depreciation for increased tax benefits. This means that you get back your investment sooner.


DashWalls Technology

The framework's modularity makes changes to space divisions, cable and communications lines, and space functions incredibly easy – from room to room, or building to building. Made from galvanized steel, the framework is highly durable, strong and long lasting.

DashWalls' wide selection of styles, colors and materials used for the walls’ cladding allow for infinite possibilities. Changes to the design and the wall’s exterior are easy to do, allowing for a creative approach to dividing of work or living spaces, as well as defining of privacy levels.
From solid wall panels to framed glass, the demountable walls’ flexibility allows you to create unique, beautiful spaces for working, showing and living. DashWalls cladding is durable and easy to maintain.



Work Space
Created originally as moveable office systems, DashWalls deliver a number of effective design, furniture, equipment and accessory solutions for different functional spaces. With the ability to reconfigure any space in a matter of hours, our modular walls are less disruptive to employees and reduce downtime.

Power & Data
DashWalls have a 68 mm inner space for power and data, plumbing HVAC lines, from either ceiling or floor. Standard outlets can be installed at any height and anywhere on the panel surface. And, data, voice and electricity systems can be easily and efficiently re-configured as your needs change.



Thanks to DashWalls’ highly configurable framework, your space can grow with your needs and change layouts quickly and easily. Our modular wall systems give you the appearance of a permanent wall, but the flexibility of demountable cladding. With no complicated parts, it’s snap to change the color and look of any space.

The DashWalls modular wall systems are movable; they can be many times demounted and installed in a different configuration in the same room or moved to another building – for fast and efficient office relocation. Reusing your modular wall system many times over represents significant cost savings to your business.