Movable Wall Systems

As full height, completely modular and movable wall systems, DashWalls’ solutions were originally created for office spaces. But now DashWalls offers beautiful as well as highly practical wall systems for a wider range of public and everyday living needs.


Standard Movable Office
DashWalls creates comfortable, ergonomically organized standard offices. These movable offices can be clad in a wide array of wall finishing. Wall-mounted modular furniture and accessories are easy to integrate.

Our four most common standard movable offices include:
Private Office, Executive Office, Training Room, Meeting Room

The DashWall systems go beyond movable office walls and can completely equip any work space. Easy to install, our movable offices can be set up in hours by following our step-by-step installation guide.

Specialized Office System
Some workspaces have specific functions or logistical needs that require specialized office systems. For instance, medical buildings, biotech organizations and laboratories can have a higher need for walls that facilitate cleaning and help reduce cross-contamination. As well, other organizations and businesses may require offices with special sound or visual privacy features.

That's why DashWalls delivers special sound insulation, smart glass fascias, natural wood veneers, leather, aluminium or stainless steel sheets and many other options to meet your requirements. Special DashWalls modular components allow for a variety of hanging furniture components and accessories to complete any office interior.

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Private Office   Executive Office   Meeting Room   Training Room
The private office is the most common type of office rooms. It is finished with the standard cladding materials that are available in an array of colours and finishes. (Please refer to the DashWalls catalogue.) Customers can also pick from an array of office furniture and boards, power and data connecting points to customize their private office.   The executive office is designed for middle-level managers to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Finishing, power and data connecting point locations, furniture and accessories are customized to your requirements.   DashWalls’ meeting room solutions have many special features. Rooms may have full or partial sound or visual insulation. Select your preferred finishing materials, modular integrated furniture, office boards and we will create your customized meeting room. DashWalls’ modular construction also allows integration of different types of digital equipment including LCD monitors and TV screens, placing them at different heights and locations.   Like the meeting room solutions, the training rooms may have full or partial sound or visual insulation. DashWalls training rooms can be clad in any of our visually pleasing standard finishes. Furniture, accessories, and power and data connecting points are customized to your needs.


Modular Retail & Trade Show Systems
DashWalls delivers cost-effective, highly versatile retail and trade show (exhibition) systems, including curtain walls, glass walls with light effects, mirror walls and much, much more. Using, for instance, curtain walls you do not need to wait until general finishing will be completed. Curtain walls offer instant coverage of unfinished concrete building walls, yet are sturdy and durable for display shelving. Choose from a wide variety of modular optional components such as brackets, hooks, cantilevers, sliding rails and so on.

DashWalls provides elegant solutions for retail storefronts, including convenient modular shelving and display systems, which can be easily hung temporarily or permanently inside or outside the store.

For retail spaces under one roof –malls, airports, and in other public places – DashWalls movable wall systems mean that stores can easily be configured with no damage to existing walls or floors.

Make your own movable wall system using our technical information, and contact us to place an order.


Movable Walls for Lofts
With DashWalls movable wall systems, it’s now possible to create one-of-kind gorgeous functional environments in lofts or any residential space using environmentally friendly materials. DashWalls breathe fresh life into existing homes with modern architectural and interior design ideas.

Our modular components are endless – varied combinations of styles, colours and materials enable you to create a signature look. Use DashWalls to divide living spaces as well as define privacy levels for completely different space experiences throughout your loft or home.

DashWalls gives you additional flexibility to easily change wall colours or finishing materials. And, there is no muss and no fuss – just take out old cladding and hang on a new one. It’s that easy! Shelving, brackets and other modular components are all fully integrated and interchangeable.

Design your own home project using our technical information, and then contact us to place an order.