Design Components

The DashWalls system of fully integrated design components and accessories allow you to create unique, beautiful environments, ideal for work or living spaces.

All of our design components are modular and interchangeable, so you can use and reuse them as often as is needed without damaging the walls' surfaces, and with no time lost unnecessarily.


  • Horizontal aluminium reveal insert.
  • Floor base board (pedestal)
  • Ceiling crown moulding.
  • Decorative aluminium ceiling cornice, hides ambient light fixtures.
  • Mini blinds for glass modules.
  • Proprietary tool rail that accepts:
    Spot light modules, Picture hooks, Glass accent shelves


  • Set of cantilevers and support beams to support any kind of work surfaces.
  • Set of special brackets for hanging overhead storage cabinets.
  • Cantilever brackets for:
    Shelves, Pencils and markers trays


  • Coat hook mounts on slotted Vertical Post between fascias.
  • Choose from standard or exclusive Slat-Wall Rail hardware.
  • Standard or Exclusive doors' hardware are at clients choice