Created originally for office spaces, DashWalls delivers a number of effective design, furniture, equipment and accessory solutions for different types of functional spaces.

Work Space

The fully integrated and modular framework construction offers a number of solutions for today's modern offices. DashWalls features a number of special brackets, cantilevers, hooks, rails and much more! Change the location of your furniture, shelving and accessories with no damage to the wall's surface.

Work surfaces, storage and shelving can be hung at any height by special brackets and cantilevers.

DashWalls’ whiteboards, magnetic dry erase boards and/or tack boards with fabric-wrapped surface are integrated in walls’ surfaces.

The wall-mounted slat-wall makes it incredibly easy to add accessories such as organizing trays, telephones, as well as file and pencil holders. Coat and picture hooks can be mounted from the horizontal reveal above the panel.

Power & Data

The DashWall systems have a 68 mm inner space for power and data, plumbing HVAC lines, from either ceiling or floor. Standard outlets can be installed at any height and anywhere on the panel surface. And, data, voice and electricity systems can be easily and efficiently re-configured as your needs change.

For voice, data, Internet and video needs, as well as for electrical requirements, it couldn’t be simpler to install new cables or update existing ones. Thanks to direct access from both sides of wall, power and data requirements can be easily managed without disrupting normal work process.

Simple connectivity to existing power / data lines is accessible from the ceiling, floor or existing walls at any location. The standard location for plugs and outlets is a comfortable workspace and wheelchair accessible height.

Relocation of power and data connecting points is a mere matter of disassembling and changing base panel locations.