The DashWalls advantage comes from its modular technology that’s designed to facilitate a quick and easy two-phase installation process – framework + cladding.


Made of galvanized steel profiles, the three basic components – Guide Channels, Vertical Posts and Horizontal Braces - create a structurally sound system that accepts all fascia finishing panels (cladding), hanging components and accessories. The DashWalls framework provides a 68 mm space for power and data cables as well as for heat and sound insulation inside the wall.

DashWalls floor and ceiling channels are actually guide channels that house the vertical posts in a continuous line.
The vertical post, with upright slots every 50 mm acts as a host for the horizontal braces, the cladding and the integrated bracketry.

The horizontal brace is a telescopic, U-form, profile adjustable to standard module width. It aligns the vertical posts to create a perfect right angle and acts as a rigidizer holding the post in place, safely and securely.


See how the superior framework and cladding of DashWalls movable wall systems ensures flexibility, efficiency and beautiful aesthetics.
Our technological advancements keep time consumption and operational costs down to a minimum.

DashWalls delivers stylish, interchangeable finishing elements for cladding the wall, including panels, framed glass, corners, functional panels and doors that adjust with special brackets. Solid silicon gaskets provide sound attenuation. The cladding is available in a wide range of materials and colours. Design options are limited only by your imagination!

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DashWalls cladding options are almost endless. Glass Fascia panels are clip-on and available as double or single glazed. They are framed in aluminum and made of clear or frosted glass and available in several decorative European architectural designer glasses. All glass is tempered for safety and is 6 mm thick.

Choose from a wide variety of contemporary solid panels and mix and match to create a designer look. Full height or segmented boards are available in laminate, wood veneer, fabric, aluminium, stainless steel sheet and much more.

Double or single pivot, pocket and sliding doors are usually finished in the same material and colour as panels for a consistent look. Doorframes are made of anodized aluminium extrusion. DashWalls’ glass doors feature 8 – 10 mm tempered glass.

Corner Panel comes with 90°, 120°, 135° junction configurations, and can be also rounded or chamfered. Outer Corners are available in the same material as panels. The inner corner piece is an anodized aluminium extrusion.